Studies have shown that the mental health benefits of choral singing include enhanced brain function, strengthened feelings of togetherness, and the release of endorphins and oxytocin resulting in reduced stress and depression. The information in this section includes articles explaining how singing and being part of a choir is known to contribute positively to wellbeing.

Five Good Reasons to Join a Choir

Mental Health
Aerobic and Toning

Singing is known to promote mental health. This is based on the extensive research of Professor Grenville Hancox, Director of the Sidney de Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health in Kent

If we could engage more and more people in singing, I’m sure we would have a healthier nation.

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Singing for Happiness

Dr Martin Seligman, a leading psychologist, developed a scientific model for happiness. It is based on five simple elements and is referred to as the PERMA model. How does this relate to joining a choir?

Using this scientific model of ‘happiness’ the mental health benefits of singing and joining a choir can easily be demonstrated.

Positive Emotions
These are emotions such as joy, pride and sense of achievement. All of these can be felt not only when singing but being part of a choir. If the members of ISC were canvassed, they surely would list many more!
We all know that ”time flies when you‘re having fun!“ This is because being actively engaged in doing something we enjoy, floods our bodies with endorphins and hormones elevating our sense of wellbeing.
Relating to others and developing connections is something that happens naturally in a choir, just like being part of any team!
Being part of a choir helps us to have meaning in our lives. To have meaning we have to feel that our actions are worthwhile, and we are contributing to something bigger that just ourselves.
Joining a choir can sometimes be a goal that people set to challenge themselves as self- improvement or it can be something that people do simply because they want to have fun. Whatever the reason, a sense of achievement can be found in many ways such as working together towards a performance.

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Singing – ‘Just One Thing’ to help your wellbeing.

The BBC have developed a series of podcasts explaining small steps that can help with your health. The link below is from this series.

Just One Thing : Dr Michael Mosley explores the health benefits of singing.