In Sound Company is a community choir. Based in Stourbridge, the choir draws its members from the surrounding areas of the Black Country and beyond.

No auditions are required to join the choir. If you’ve never sung in a choir before or don’t know if you can sing, come and give it a try in a friendly inclusive atmosphere.

Men and women of all ages are very welcome. We hope you enjoy singing with In Sound Company community choir.

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Please click on any of the bars below for answers to the most frequently-asked questions.

Who runs the choir?

Musical Director: Judith Moreland

Accompanist: Jack Brookes

Chair: Jen Brown

Finance: Adrian Allen

Membership secretary: Maggie Stowe

Core group:  Adrian Allen, Jen Brown, Keith Horsfall, Fran Jones, Gail Mason, Judith Moreland, Richard Newhall, Sue Simpson, Maggie Stowe. 

We always need volunteers to help with events, for example putting out chairs, setting up staging, helping with refreshments, packing up after concerts. Please do come forward if you are able to help.

Do I need to read music?

We often work from sheet music, and while some previous experience and the ability to read music is helpful, it’s not essential. Many people follow it and learn in their own way. All we ask is that you’re willing to put in the effort to learn, and enjoy singing a wide variety of music.

Who provides the music?

Music will be distributed at the beginning of each term. Once music has been given out, we ask that you keep it safely until it is required again.

We spend a lot of money on printed music; if for any reason you no longer wish to sing with the choir, please return all music.

We do ask each member to purchase their own copy of "100 Carols for Choirs" by David Willcocks and John Rutter. We are currently selling second-hand or new copies at reduced prices until stocks have run out.

From time to time Jude will ask you to print out music and these pieces will be emailed to you. Please check your email before rehearsals! Also please make sure Maggie Stowe has your contact details and keep her up to date with any changes.

We have In Sound Company black choir folders for concerts. For new members, these will be given out shortly before the first concert in which you will be performing.

Are there any subscriptions?

New members: free for the first half term. Thereafter: £55 per term, or £27.50 per half term, payable at the beginning of the term or half term.

Please pay online - you'll be given the sort code and account number when you register.

It would be much appreciated if choir members could pay subs promptly each term or half term. Please have a quiet word with Jen Brown if you are on income support or similar benefit and/or struggling to pay your subs.

What happens at rehearsals?

Please tick the register on arrival and pick up any new music.

The following guidelines may be useful:

  • Please bring a pencil to rehearsals and make notes on your music as needed.
  • While the choir is a social group as well as a singing group, it is vital that you do not talk during rehearsals. Jude welcomes questions about the music so if in doubt, ask. It’s fine to raise your hand to ask for clarification or to go over something you didn’t quite get the first time.
  • When other singers ask to hear their line again on the piano, please show consideration by keeping quiet and not singing or talking while this is taking place.
  • Choral singing works best when, rather than individual voices being audible, all voices blend together as one. To achieve this, sing at a volume where you can hear your own voice and those of the people around you.
  • It really helps if everyone is fully engaged and listening when individual parts are being learned. There will be times where your section is not singing. Again, please show consideration to others by not talking when others are listening to or singing back their line.

What do I wear for concerts?

All black unless otherwise announced.

Ladies: dress or top and trousers/skirt.

Gentlemen: open neck long sleeved shirt, trousers.

How frequently do you meet?

Rehearsals normally take place every Monday evening at 7:30 during school term time. We encourage all members to attend every rehearsal as we are learning new content every week.

Do you hold social events?

We aim to hold at least one social activity during each school term, including quizzes, ceilidhs, skittles, and meals out. These are more relaxed than rehearsals, and allow the whole choir to get to know one another.

We also take part in choir festivals, organise weekend workshops to improve singing technique, and occasionally some international travel.

Can I benefit from singing?

Studies have shown that the mental health benefits of choral singing include enhanced brain function, strengthened feelings of togetherness, and the release of endorphins and oxytocin resulting in reduced stress and depression.

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